Saturday, 31 December 2011

30 day shred-day 1

2 posts in 1day! I'm hoping that blogging about doing this will be motivation to keep me going as I have been reading the amazon comments about the 30 day shred and it was quite scary! But I like the sound of the results you get, so I'm determined to complete it. I have a bet on with my brother in law, I want to lose 1/2 stone and he wants to lose 1. I have also promised myself I can buy some nice pants after 10 days on level 1 is completed!
Yesterday we (the husband is attempting it as well!) watched the 1st level, day 0, and it seemed manageable, so today is THE day I start it! I know everyone else is the new year with resolutions but today is a good day to start and there is no time like the present ( must get out of bed and into exercise clothes 1st) I'll be back later to let you know how it went!

and here i am!!! i survived!!! i can definitely feel i have done some exercise and i think tomorrow will be harder with muscle ache on top of the pain from the exercise ( as well as some NYE hangover!). i followed the easier moves of the 2 on offer but hopefully after day 5 of the shred i will step it up as much as possible to the more advanced moves. i may struggle as i do have knee problems but i don't let them hold me back-unless they collapse!

thanks for reading x

Finally posting a card!

Hello if you are still there! After an interesting start to this year I kinda got out of the habit of blogging my cards :( but I have decided that this year 2012 I will get back on the blog. Not sure how well I'll do but I want to try! For photo posts I'm going to use my phone because It's a lot of effort otherwise and I'll fall at the 1st hurdle. I might even expand the blog into other things other then crafts, but we'll see how it goes!
But as you can see I made a card! This was flew my westlife partner in crime and sister in law, I have learnt a few things since making this card ( like the wires fan be cut off the flowers) but overall I was very happy with the card and so were the happy couple.