Tuesday, 31 January 2012

bunny birthday card

So here is a card for my friend's 41st birthday (luckily she doesn't follow my blog after that admission!). i've gone retro with the original style daisy and dandelion image, raised on foam, the papers are daisy and dandelion ( the hedgehog range). really rubbish pearls from a pearl pen ( i need to work on that!) swiss dots embossed white card and poundland ribbon. and of course a craftwork cards greeting.

I'd like to enter it into the following challenges
2 sisters- sketch
kaboodledoodles- make it girlly
lollipop crafts- anything goes
karens doodles- cute/ cuddley
ditzy crafty mess- anything goes
fussy and fancy- polka dots

thanks for looking x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

what i wore last night

this is a 1st attempt at an outfit post, but i thought i'd give it ago. last night we went to our favourite curry house, bengal pride, and this is what i threw on.
dress from dotty p's sale rail,
 river island belt i featured here when i bought it.
and my favourite coat, the yeti from boohoo.

all finished off with black tights, matt black midi heels form dotty p's and a a kate moss by rimmel lipstick.

friends 30th birthday card

So i made this card for my friend who lives in London and i can't make her birthday celebrations, due to lack of finances and now family commitments. last year i made loads of 30 cards, but never managed to blog any of them, but i used up all my 3 and 0's. so i had a little think and remembered these letters from home bargains 39p a pack and 2 of each letter per pack. i had already used them for a congratulations card so had find a way to make 'thirty' from them and this what i came up with! 
this is another card where i'm trying to use up old things. the paper is from claire curds paper stack and the ribbon was from when woolies closed down!!!

i'd like to enter it into the following challenges
card making mama's- something old
fussy and fancy- polka dots
truly scrumptious- something forgotten
whimsy stamps- pearls or bling

Saturday, 28 January 2012

book review- the model wife by Julia Llewellyn

another disappointing read i'm afraid. i found the main character annoying and 2 dimensional, the lead man was so predictably selfish and the ex wife was such a bitch and i very much doubt she would actually to that in real life. there are so many sub plots going on that you don't get into them properly which was a shame. i think some of the minor characters needed removing so the remaining ones could feature more.

i have read some other reviews of this book and they have said they were surprised by the ending of this book- how????????????? it was very predictable and i kept buying magazines to read rather then finish this book.
1 star out of 5 as i managed to finish it.

fingers crossed the next book is enjoyable!

30 day shred- days 22,23,24

so not managed an update for a few days, but i have kept the shred up, but i still haven't taken a pic of my shopping or a card i have made. the shred is going well and i can see abs developing!!!!! still not doing the advanced moves of most things but i managed a full sit up today which was quite exciting as i have never managed to do that before! just got to decided what dvd to do next, a davina that i've had in for a while or buy another gillian either this or this. i have the davina ready and waiting, but i don't find them explained very well and Jillian explains it really well, but that means buying another fitness dvd when i have davina just waiting to be used. i suppose i'll give it ago to see but will be buying those jillian dvd's soon.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

30 day shred- day 21

so i had yesterday off and started level 3 tonight. it was probably not the best idea to start it feeling so tired, but i gave it a good go, apart from my strop in the middle as i was feeling pretty annoyed at my rubbish body and they way it played up for either modified planks (knees) or advanced (shoulder). i'm sure some people think i make it up or exaggerate the pain but believe me no one would want to wish this upon themselves. i've had several cortizone injections that don't really help, i now wear inserts in all my shoes, which help with walking, but kneeling.........

hopefully tomorrow night will be better, i'm going to try and leave work earlier and get straight on it but tonight i had a meeting and then a spanish lesson to go to so was feeling quite mentally tired which was the problem!

hopefully i will be taking some pics of my shopping from the weekend tomorrow as well  and a few pics of my amazing nails- i love them!

who know i might even make a card, rather then sitting watching christmas films making up the tons of decoupage sheets i had i a draw but never used as they weren't made when i needed to make a card.

oh and i won a card competition :)))

so happy about that!!!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

book review- mini shopaholic by sophie kinsella

so here is my first book review!!! very exciting for me!  i love reading in fact i have dedicated a room in my house just to books and I'm always looking for new books and authors to keep me in paper!!

so I'll start my review of mini shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, and i have to say i was disappointed by this book. I was really hopeful for this book as i have loved her earlier books but after reading twenties girl, which was really disappointing and was a struggle to finish.
I didn't like the way Luke had developed into a total business head, constantly attached to his phone and actually missing his daughters christening, supposedly a really intelligent man but oblivious to Becky's plans. Becky seems to have lost most of her brain cells and has become a caricature of herself, inventing business ideas and running with them without asking the store manager.
the daughter is a sub plot, which given the title of the book was disappointing. she is given free range and is a spoilt brat that gets away with everything.

i did mange to finish the book so I'll give it 1 star out of 5, but i don't think I'll be jumping to buy her next book, which is a shame based on my enjoyment of her earlier books

30 day shred days 19 and 20

well i have managed to complete level 2, i didn't use the weight for some of the moves in the latter part of the workout, but i did manage to do the final abs section, but i think i preferred the abs from level 1. very pround of myself today!!!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

30 day shred- day 17 and 18

So here's another double update, sorry about that but life sometimes gets in the way. I've had to keep on the modified plank moves and do normal jacks because of my silly shoulder, but everything else I've done fully and even upped the weights when I'm not lifting the weights above my head or using my shoulder. We're still using steps greatest hits to power through, well I am! I am slightly scared of level 3 now and its approaching quite quickly!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

30 day shred- day 16

so i didn't manage to do the shred last night. we had no heating in work yesterday and my shoulder was killing by the time i got home, so i dosed up on ibuprofen and had a bath at 6pm!

tonight i was determined to do the shred, so popped some more tablets and sprayed my shoulder with deep heat. i didn't use the weights on most of the arm movements, but i did do all the cardio and changed a few of the plank moves. so instead of plank push ups, i just help the plank, normal jacks instead of plank jacks and level 1 circuit 3 abs rather then level 2 circuit 3 abs. it felt good to do the shred, but i'm just annoyed at my body for being so rubbish!

Monday, 16 January 2012

30 day challenge- day 13, 14 ,15

sorry i've not been back to update you, i misplaced my laptop cable so ran out of power :( luckily i found it so here i am. i can now do a push up!!!!! my arms are now hurting because of this, but it feels good! also the shoulder blade are aches a little, but in a good way! i am doing plank jacks, but the husband has banned me from the squat planks because of my knees. but the worst thing on level 2 is the arms and shoulders, i'm hoping in 5 days time i will have good arms- i deserve too!!!

the good news is that i am now back to my pre christmas weight, so lets see if i can lose another 7lbs, to win a bet!

another southern niece card

Another card for the step nieces down south! 
she is 17 plays football and is doing beauty therapy at college. so i decided that was the best way to go, not to girly but not blokey! 

the image is a blown vinyl sticker from a 2 sheet pack in poundland.
the classic craftwork cards greeting with a prima flower coloured in black. black ribbon, black heart gems and card, and white card.

i'd like to enter it into the following challenges
the crazy challenge- tic tac toe (ribbon, gems, image)
dream valley challenges- anything goes
lexi's creations- anything goes
make it mondays- anything goes
truly madly crafty- anything goes
one stitch at a time- anything goes

thanks for looking x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

30 day shred- day 12

so we did level 2 last night. i didn't get home until gone 7:30 so it was 8pm when we started the dvd. The cardio was manageable, i just need to work on getting my knees higher but i am doing more then the modified moves. but seriously can anybody manage the double skip arms???? the husband is struggling with his shoulders in the plank moves, mine are coping but i don't want to try the advance moves yet. also i'm scared i'll fall over doing jumps whilst in plank!

i'm hoping to be back later on today with day 13, which i'm doing after curtain shopping but before nandos eating!!!

but now i'm going to go and make a card x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

30 day shred- day 11

wow level 2 is a massive step up! i only managed the modified moves and even the husband had to drop down to them a few times. it is a lot harder on the knees and my hips started to click on some of these moves, that was a new one even to me! i hope it gets better as i go through the next 9 days, and i can upgrade the weights from 1.5 to 2kgs.
Finally Blogger decides to let me post these pictures!!!!!

I nearly bought this skirt at full price at the start of december, i'm so glad i didn't!!! saving £15 :)
this belt had been £18 down to £5 :))

and again!

i love this belt, it's so me :)))

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

30 day shred- day 10

Level 1 complete! I managed to complete it all at advanced level, apart from the push ups. I also managed to have less drink pauses as well. It is amazing how quickly your body adjusts to this, but having watched level 2, I think I'm back to the modified moves again! I just hope she doesn't make me get up too quickly from lying down, coz I have to pause it to get my balance!

Monday, 9 January 2012

30 day shred-day 9

a good day today, exercise done, no pain. even after work i didn't get a stitch! I  did try to do a proper push-up, but i failed dramatically!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

southern niece card

here is a card made for my youngest southern niece, i try not to use to much stash when i make their cards as they don't send us cards. i used a FF sticker, pink card (stash), embossed white card (stash), pink ribbon, silver stickles,  D&D greeting and of course nestabilities.

i was slightly ashamed when i used the ribbon, it matched perfectly, until i rolled some more out and it was bright pink!!! i clearly had not used it for quite some time!

I'd like to enter it into the following challenges
MSE- use something old
birthday sundaes- birthday card
CES- anything goes

thanks for looking x

30 day shred-day 8

wow only 2 days left at level 1!!! It is so much easier when i haven't been at work, even though we didn't get it done 'til 5pm. when i do the DVD after work i get a stitch during the 1st cardio, but after the abs section it disappears, no idea why!
I've still not managed a proper push up but i can now do 15 and then 10 of the easier level.

oh and the house is cleaner as well!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

30 day shred- day 7

back to the shred!!! we managed it today :))))) it's been a quiet, day but we have a new sofa and chair, done the DVD, been to beauticians and had the old sofas, footstool and a tv collected by a local charity. we then spent the rest of the day, clearing the Living room out and removing stuff that we kinda ignored for years. we knew it was there but we managed to turn a blind eye to it. so we have cleared out loads of old videos, CD's, old handbags and lots of dust! we are now nice and clean in the living room, but it looks very bare without the coordinating accessories. oh well it's a reason to go shopping!

back to the shred, my knees are better today, a slight ache after the workout but nothing like on day 6, 3 more to go until level 2!!!!!!!!

Friday, 6 January 2012

30 day shred- day 6 again

So today I didn't manage the shred :'( but in my defence I have removed 2 sofas from my living room ready for the new arrivals in the morning. I also managed to click my knee out of place yesterday, but did click it back in somehow, accidently using one of the sofas! I was slightly worried that I had done something worse to my knee as I have bad knees and have to wear insoles in my shoes so I can walk without pain. I also think I was too tired last night and not thinking about my posture, which would not have helped! Hopefully the new sofa and chair will be early, so we can do day 7 before lunch and my eyebrow appointment and get back on track.
Sorry about the lack of shopping and craft updates, hopefully tomorrow I'll show you my Xmas eve online shopping that arrived on. Wednesday, and maybe the new furniture x

Thursday, 5 January 2012

30 day shred- day 6

this was my 1st proper day back at work, and then we went to see my mum and have tea with her and my dad. we started the shred at 8pm and i was pretty tired but i gave it a good go, but did struggle on the last set of abs, when will i manage to complete the evil sit ups! i'm supposed to be getting up at 6am to complete day 7 but that may not happen........

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

30 day shred- day 5

Do not want to do it today!!!!!!!!! I am suffering from 1st day back itus :( but used a new recipe before pointing it up and i really need to point it up :((( and there was a buffet today and i didn't manage to avoid it, even though i'd got up and made a salad to take with me- why do i do this?????

lesson learnt though- point a new recipe before trying!

i'll be back after i've completed day 5 , but hopefully it'll be ok as even after increasing the weights i'm not in pain................... yet!

and i'm back!!! the only problem was a stitch during the 1st cardio section, but after sit ups it went. obviously i'm not as awake as i am in the morning ( when we started this) but we wouldn't function doing this every day before work, so twice a week we are going to to it in the morning and the rest of the week after work. weekends will just happen once we get up. i'm happy with how it all went today, just got to work on the side lunges and the evil sit ups.

thanks for reading x

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

30 day shred- day 4

so the husband went back to work today and we did the DVD once he finished work. i upped the weights today and managed 14 push ups, but the last round of abs were painful and i bailed on the last few abs in section 3. but i feel good and hopefully after the 1st day back at work i'll be able to manage it!

On another note i tried the clothes on that i bought yesterday the wrap around dress has to go back :( but i'm keeping the other dress and skirt :)

card for my niece

Here is a card for one of my 7 nieces. i have used my new postage stamp dies from x-cut, a clear daisy and dandelion sticker- had since i started crafting, paper from the same range and a flower embossing folder. i added ribbon and 3 pearls, using my new pearl pens the husband bought me.

i'd like to enter it into the following challenges
ladybugcrafts- use new stash
pink elephant-anything goes
pile it on-anything goes

thanks for looking x

Monday, 2 January 2012

30 day shred-day 3 and the past 24 hours

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to the seaside. As you can see the weather was amazing, we picked the wrong day to go but we had yummy fish and chips with my mum and dad (in the 2nd pic). once we got back we watched the lion the witch and the wardrobe. The husband bought me Voyage of the Dawn Treader for christmas and i want to watch the first two before i watch it, i do love narnia and could watch it every day :)

We needed to go shopping today and i managed to convince the husband that we needed to go to the supermarket in town, and back to the retail park i nearly passed out in the day before. i didn't dare go back into the actual shop it happened in so we just went into hobbycraft and i bought3 packs of promarkers £4.89 a pack, i didn't have any of them in my collection so they were an absolute bargain!!!

Hobbycraft sell docrafts magazine now so i picked it up, the decoupage looks good, but its not die cut and i'm not the best with scissors!

To go with my hummingbird bakery book from my mum (and her 30+yr old palette knife). I have bought icing bags in the past and they have leaked out everywhere, so i'm hoping this in the answer, please let me know if you have can recommend any amazing baking apparatus.

and then my escape to warehouse!!! I nearly bought the 1st dress for £30 but the 10 was slightly too small, so i hunted the 12 down. didn't find it, but whilst looking for it, i noticed it had been reduced to £20- well i couldn't leave it on the rail at that price!!! So i need to keep the shred up!

the 2nd dress has yet to be tried on but was £10 so i thought i'd give it a whirl!

and the skirt; my cousin bought me a just below the knee pleated skirt for christmas, but i didn't feel comfortable in it, so i have asked for the recipt and i have bought this in replacement as i thought i would try and stay with the pleats, but i feel more comfortable in a short or long skirt rather then just below the knee.

And finally the 30day shred day 3!!!! We managed to complete this today and i even managed to do more then 10 push ups (the basic ones). the after effects this morning from day 2 were better as well, hopefully tomorrow morning will be slightly better.

thanks for reading this really  long post, see you tomorrow for day 4 x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

30 day shred-day 2

Happy New Year!!! would really have liked to stop in bed and not do day 2 today, but having started yesterday i wasn't quitting on Jillian, she might hunt me down from dvd-land and shout at me :s. Day 2 went quite well, i struggled on the push ups, but noticed the 'used to be super fit marathon running' husband was also feeling the burn, so didn't feel too bad at that.
if you did want to put yourself though this torture then you can buy the dvd here for the amazing price of £5!

Now the side effects, i'll start with yesterday. make sure you keep your fluid up, i went all dizzy and light headed yesterday in a shop (it was more embarrassing then anything- i was trying to buy a dress but had to walk out and crouch on the floor, whilst the shop assistant cancelled the transaction and brought me by card). but lesson learnt, make sure you drink lots afterwards!
 the 2nd side effect occurred this morning, i feel pain in my thighs, stomach and shoulders. but this is good, it has to be so i'll put up with it for the inch loss/ weight loss.

i am now going to cancel this all out by having a trip to the seaside and demolishing some fish and chips, but after today the healthy eating will restart and you never know i might even share some recipes with you.
thanks for reading x