Tuesday, 7 April 2009

here are 2 cards from a set. quite expensive in hindsight but seemed a good idea at the time. £5 for 5 cards, but having read MSE and the 6p cards i now know i can make fabulous cards for a few pence!


  1. Great cards - but ouch! I'll bet you're having more fun now that your looking for more imaginative ways to make cards for less! x

  2. Sorry, had to comment twice - can't believe I made a spelling mistake (and I'm so pedantic I can't let it rest!). With you being a teacher, I'm sure you won't mind me correcting my work ;)
    Of course the above should have read 'you're' as opposed to 'your' x

  3. i am the biggest spelling mistaker going!!! so no worries- i even make up words!

  4. Greta selection of cards
    I love the cheeky monkey ones