Wednesday, 13 May 2009

my mojo has been stolen

hi little group of followers if you see my mojo please send it back to me please. i have thrown away quite a few cards recently and can't seem to make them work. i tried stamping on wavy card but that didn't work at all.
i have watched mel's you tube video and i'm going to stamp some images and colour them in and i have been using for colour ideas then hope to build up from there. so fingers crossed! i'm so busy over the next fortnight that i think all my craft stuff in feet deep in dust!


  1. oh no! Don't let them naughty cards get you down! Chin up - that mojo will be back before you know it.

  2. I bet some stamped images and colouring will soon get your mojo back where it belongs x

  3. Maybe some free digital stamps will inspire you! Have a look at my blog and scroll down, your should find a free 'slice of cake' and a free 'flower girl' please just right click on them and save to your computer...enjoy! I also run a fortnightly competition (and of course have a browse my collection of downloads for sale!)