Saturday, 28 August 2010

crafty shoppings

here is a post with all my american crafty purchases.  above is everything, i didn't buy loads but a fair amount. it was pretty much $1=£1.50, so i worked on 2/3 to 3/4 of the american price.

these were from dollar tree, 3 in each pack. i thought they'd be great for quick cards. they only thing i've found is they say they are stickers but i can't find the bit to peel off.
these stamps were all $1 each from michaels.
this is the snowflake embossing folder- i had a 40% off voucher and used it on this. i think it started at $7.50,
so $4.50 with the discount.

again from michael's, i used a 40% voucher on this and it worked out about $9.

the gems on the right were $1 and the ones on the right were $1.99. you can't really see but the top right gems are little flowers. again from michael's. i used a 25% off voucher on these.
this was reduced to $7.99 so i think it was a bargain as it is 12x12. another michael's purchase.

sorry if you are bored but this is another michael's 40%off pad, i think it came through at $7.
this is a pad of 12x12 glitter paper from ross- dress for less ( very much like tk maxx) it was $3.99. marshalls was a similar shop. it was mainly clothes but like tkmaxx had crafty stuff. there is also a tj maxx, but i prefered ross.

another ross purchase holographic 12x12 paper- $2.99

so this concludes my american craft shopping, sorry it's a bit listy but i hope it gives you a good idea of the prices and what's available, esp as i know some of you are going to pay a vist to the USA. there is no way i'm adding all my clothes shopping but i will say $20 for calvin klein jeans is cheap!


  1. Wow - brilliant stash - I am Sooooooo jealous! LOL

    Julie xxx

  2. Very nice, and very restrained really. Do you wish you'd bought more now LOL!!!

  3. Fab buys there!!!! I love Ross it is a brilliant shop and I found lots of bargains there!!!! Marshalls is mainly clothes and shoes. I will be visiting Ross next week sometime!!!

  4. Fab stash - I'm now looking forward to my trip even more!!! Thanks for sharing. x

  5. What gorgeous stash, great buys x

  6. Lots of lovely stash! It's making me want to go back to my Great Aunties in Florida! I wasn't lucky enough to get anything crafty in Ross when I was there in June but I got a lovely Nine West handbag from there! x