Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Book Review- One Day In May by Catherine Alliott

Another Catherine Alliott book review for you, but it is fab! The title is what the whole book is based one, but that doesn't become clear until much later in the book and then you go.... oh that makes sense! This is a fab read as we follow Hattie an interior designer, to Bosnia, the houses of Parliament, France and Little Crandon. We learn all about her 1st love and how her actions years ago, are now catching up with her and the secrets and lies she has and told are coming out in the wash! It has several twists in the storyline, and a great ending!

this is a 5 star book and you should definitely read it!

PS the review is short, as it is difficult to tell you more without revealing important parts of the story. even the back cover is vague!

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