Sunday, 5 February 2012

30 day shred- 3 days left

i have been doing the shred still, but just not managing to update you with my efforts, sorry :( but i have 3 days left, but i think i'll carry on with level 3 for a bit longer and try and do the advanced moves. it has been slow going with all this cold weather and i've have to start doing it every other day, as my knees won't play at the moment. i've even had to cut out the rock star jumps, and replace them with super fast star jumps instead. the squats hurt as well but i really want thinner legs so i'm working through the pain on those. i'll be back on it monday night, but i last did it on thursday as we have family over. i'll update you again soon, i'm off to go take a pretty snow picture x

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