Saturday, 18 February 2012

Book Review- Mothers and daughters by Kate Long

I will read a book that i enjoy soon I hope! this was another painful book to finish, with me opting not to read or buying a magazine on my way home from work, rather then endure this. Overall it was readable, but i struggled to find any sympathy for the characters. the daughter was spoilt and immature, the mother appeared to have several issues that she needed to look at sorting out, and the dad was a cheater. 
i found it interesting that the book changed it's name from a mothers guide to cheating, I'm assuming that it didn't sell very well or to the right audience. while looking for the image for this post, I read a few comments that i agreed with and i think these are the main reasons the book didn't appeal to me. Why does carol try to persuade her daughter to stay with the cheating husband when she had 20 miserable years of marriage to a cheating husband? It seemed very strange to me and her attachment to her grandchild appeared borderline obsessive. if this issues had been investigated further then i think it would have been more interesting to read rather then annoying.

overall i will give this book 2/5

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