Friday, 3 August 2012

Book Review- The winter lodge by Susan Wiggs

Until this book i have never heard of this author, but i am very glad that i have now! This is such a lovely story all about Jenny and her life in Avalon. There is a bit of flicking from the past to the present day but this is ok, as long as you read from the start of the chapter and see the year! 
The book's main character is Jenny who we meet just as her house is burning down. She has lived there from being little with her Grandparents, and now has lost everything bar the few things she recovers from the ashes. 
I loved reading the history between Jenny and Rourke, and the author included a few twists that i didn't anticipate at all. We also look into Jenny's history and meet other characters that live in Avalon, which has left me wanting to buy more of Susan Wiggs' books. One plot that i hope is developed into a book is Daisy, her dad and brother. 

Overall i loved this book and will definitely be coming back for more
have you read this book?
did you enjoy it?
have you read any other books by Susan Wiggs?

5 stars out of 5

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  1. I've not heard of her before - have added her to my list of people to trawl the library for am always looking for a new author - cheers muchly xx