Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Book Review-After The Party by Lisa Jewell

This is the sequal to Ralph's Party, another book by Lisa Jewell. This book totally passed me by when in was released, but i saw it in tesco and thought i need to read that, so in it went (3 for £5) and then i packed it for Egypt :) I didn't read the 1st book again before reading this and it wasn't essential but i think it might help to know more of the background story, it did come back to me, but i think i'm going to pull it out and read it again.
We meet Ralph and Gem 11 years down the line with 2 children, and at this point i think it is where most people will relate to the story, i don't have any children but i still felt it touch a few raw nerves. They both love each other but after 11 years everything has become a bit robotic and monotonous. The book follows them on a journey and i'll leave you to read where this journey takes them.
I loved reading this book and really recommend it

5 stars out of 5.

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