Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Book Review- Changing Places by Colette Caddle

The cover for this book doesn't look the best, but she is an amazing writer, if you love Patricia Scanlan then i think you will become a fan of Colette Caddle as well.
The main characters in this book are 2 sisters Anna and Rachel, who have grown apart, but are held together by their cousin Jill. The sisters are slightly envious of each others lives; Rachel is married to Gary and has a little boy and Anna is married to Liam and she has a good job in an estate agents.  too much goes on in the book to write it all down here, but i was gripped to the very end of the book. nothing felt like padding or needed taking it, it all just flowed so well.

5 stars our of 5- I'd give more if i could!

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