Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Book Review- Love Letters by Katie Fforde

Another Holiday read, I'm setting them up one a week hence this being october and i read it in august! 
This is the 2nd Katie Fforde book i took away with me. Another good read, the book's mains charactor is Laura, she works in a bookshop which she loves. As well as selling books she has a book club and also arranges book signings. At one of these signings she meets the agent who has nothing but praise for the event and as Henry the owner is closing the bookshop she suggests a job for Laura, organising a literary and music festival in the heart of the English countryside.
There is a misunderstanding and Laura is tasked with getting infamous writer Dermot Flynn to be the star of the festival. Over the past few years he has become a bit of a recluse, so Laura and her new friend travel to Ireland to see him and then the romance starts to happen :)

it flows like a typical Katie Fforde book and there is a bump in the love path, but thankfully it all ends happily ever after :)

4 stars our of 5

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