Wednesday, 18 January 2012

30 day shred- day 16

so i didn't manage to do the shred last night. we had no heating in work yesterday and my shoulder was killing by the time i got home, so i dosed up on ibuprofen and had a bath at 6pm!

tonight i was determined to do the shred, so popped some more tablets and sprayed my shoulder with deep heat. i didn't use the weights on most of the arm movements, but i did do all the cardio and changed a few of the plank moves. so instead of plank push ups, i just help the plank, normal jacks instead of plank jacks and level 1 circuit 3 abs rather then level 2 circuit 3 abs. it felt good to do the shred, but i'm just annoyed at my body for being so rubbish!

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