Friday, 6 January 2012

30 day shred- day 6 again

So today I didn't manage the shred :'( but in my defence I have removed 2 sofas from my living room ready for the new arrivals in the morning. I also managed to click my knee out of place yesterday, but did click it back in somehow, accidently using one of the sofas! I was slightly worried that I had done something worse to my knee as I have bad knees and have to wear insoles in my shoes so I can walk without pain. I also think I was too tired last night and not thinking about my posture, which would not have helped! Hopefully the new sofa and chair will be early, so we can do day 7 before lunch and my eyebrow appointment and get back on track.
Sorry about the lack of shopping and craft updates, hopefully tomorrow I'll show you my Xmas eve online shopping that arrived on. Wednesday, and maybe the new furniture x

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