Saturday, 28 January 2012

30 day shred- days 22,23,24

so not managed an update for a few days, but i have kept the shred up, but i still haven't taken a pic of my shopping or a card i have made. the shred is going well and i can see abs developing!!!!! still not doing the advanced moves of most things but i managed a full sit up today which was quite exciting as i have never managed to do that before! just got to decided what dvd to do next, a davina that i've had in for a while or buy another gillian either this or this. i have the davina ready and waiting, but i don't find them explained very well and Jillian explains it really well, but that means buying another fitness dvd when i have davina just waiting to be used. i suppose i'll give it ago to see but will be buying those jillian dvd's soon.

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