Wednesday, 4 January 2012

30 day shred- day 5

Do not want to do it today!!!!!!!!! I am suffering from 1st day back itus :( but used a new recipe before pointing it up and i really need to point it up :((( and there was a buffet today and i didn't manage to avoid it, even though i'd got up and made a salad to take with me- why do i do this?????

lesson learnt though- point a new recipe before trying!

i'll be back after i've completed day 5 , but hopefully it'll be ok as even after increasing the weights i'm not in pain................... yet!

and i'm back!!! the only problem was a stitch during the 1st cardio section, but after sit ups it went. obviously i'm not as awake as i am in the morning ( when we started this) but we wouldn't function doing this every day before work, so twice a week we are going to to it in the morning and the rest of the week after work. weekends will just happen once we get up. i'm happy with how it all went today, just got to work on the side lunges and the evil sit ups.

thanks for reading x

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