Monday, 2 January 2012

30 day shred-day 3 and the past 24 hours

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip to the seaside. As you can see the weather was amazing, we picked the wrong day to go but we had yummy fish and chips with my mum and dad (in the 2nd pic). once we got back we watched the lion the witch and the wardrobe. The husband bought me Voyage of the Dawn Treader for christmas and i want to watch the first two before i watch it, i do love narnia and could watch it every day :)

We needed to go shopping today and i managed to convince the husband that we needed to go to the supermarket in town, and back to the retail park i nearly passed out in the day before. i didn't dare go back into the actual shop it happened in so we just went into hobbycraft and i bought3 packs of promarkers £4.89 a pack, i didn't have any of them in my collection so they were an absolute bargain!!!

Hobbycraft sell docrafts magazine now so i picked it up, the decoupage looks good, but its not die cut and i'm not the best with scissors!

To go with my hummingbird bakery book from my mum (and her 30+yr old palette knife). I have bought icing bags in the past and they have leaked out everywhere, so i'm hoping this in the answer, please let me know if you have can recommend any amazing baking apparatus.

and then my escape to warehouse!!! I nearly bought the 1st dress for £30 but the 10 was slightly too small, so i hunted the 12 down. didn't find it, but whilst looking for it, i noticed it had been reduced to £20- well i couldn't leave it on the rail at that price!!! So i need to keep the shred up!

the 2nd dress has yet to be tried on but was £10 so i thought i'd give it a whirl!

and the skirt; my cousin bought me a just below the knee pleated skirt for christmas, but i didn't feel comfortable in it, so i have asked for the recipt and i have bought this in replacement as i thought i would try and stay with the pleats, but i feel more comfortable in a short or long skirt rather then just below the knee.

And finally the 30day shred day 3!!!! We managed to complete this today and i even managed to do more then 10 push ups (the basic ones). the after effects this morning from day 2 were better as well, hopefully tomorrow morning will be slightly better.

thanks for reading this really  long post, see you tomorrow for day 4 x

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