Sunday, 1 January 2012

30 day shred-day 2

Happy New Year!!! would really have liked to stop in bed and not do day 2 today, but having started yesterday i wasn't quitting on Jillian, she might hunt me down from dvd-land and shout at me :s. Day 2 went quite well, i struggled on the push ups, but noticed the 'used to be super fit marathon running' husband was also feeling the burn, so didn't feel too bad at that.
if you did want to put yourself though this torture then you can buy the dvd here for the amazing price of £5!

Now the side effects, i'll start with yesterday. make sure you keep your fluid up, i went all dizzy and light headed yesterday in a shop (it was more embarrassing then anything- i was trying to buy a dress but had to walk out and crouch on the floor, whilst the shop assistant cancelled the transaction and brought me by card). but lesson learnt, make sure you drink lots afterwards!
 the 2nd side effect occurred this morning, i feel pain in my thighs, stomach and shoulders. but this is good, it has to be so i'll put up with it for the inch loss/ weight loss.

i am now going to cancel this all out by having a trip to the seaside and demolishing some fish and chips, but after today the healthy eating will restart and you never know i might even share some recipes with you.
thanks for reading x

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  1. OMG! I've gone light headed just reading this. Happy New Year and Good Luck in your venture.


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