Saturday, 7 January 2012

30 day shred- day 7

back to the shred!!! we managed it today :))))) it's been a quiet, day but we have a new sofa and chair, done the DVD, been to beauticians and had the old sofas, footstool and a tv collected by a local charity. we then spent the rest of the day, clearing the Living room out and removing stuff that we kinda ignored for years. we knew it was there but we managed to turn a blind eye to it. so we have cleared out loads of old videos, CD's, old handbags and lots of dust! we are now nice and clean in the living room, but it looks very bare without the coordinating accessories. oh well it's a reason to go shopping!

back to the shred, my knees are better today, a slight ache after the workout but nothing like on day 6, 3 more to go until level 2!!!!!!!!

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